We provide a range of services including consultation, repair, installation, remote assistance & more.  We can repair your laptop, desktop, tablet, phone, TV, professional audio/video equipment & more.  We support Windows Server 2003+, VOIP, CCTV, Cloud & many other common techologies.  We can provide installation, integration & support for Cat5/Cat6, coaxial, and low voltage electrical systems.  Free initial consultation & free price quotes available.


We provide a free 1 hour initial consultation. We use this time to learn about your business & gather enough information to create a custom proposal outlining the available solutions for you & your business or organization.


We have set rates for most common repair services.  This includes computers, tablets, phones & other electronic devices.  

We also charge flat rates for service calls where we travel to your home or business to address issues with your equipment such as printers, network devices, VoIP & more.


We can upgrade or install many different systems required to keep your business functional in todays fast paced world of technology.  We can utilize existing infrastructure if possible & custom tailor solutions to fit your needs & budget.

Networking, VoIP, CCTV, Digital broadcasting, Cloud, Web, Multimedia, Conference Rooms, Audio, WiFi 

Repair Prices - Computer, phone, tablet

$39 + parts

Level 1

$59 + parts

 Level 2

$99 + parts

 Level 3


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